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emily procter, isla fisher, hilary duff, johnny depp, jude law, kristin chenoweth, natalie bassingthwaighte, selena gomez, sofia milos



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Sofia looked amazing at the 58th Emmy's yesterday. Any idea why she was there? Did she present or was she filling seats...?

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These were posted in Miami Icons.. but I figured it couldn't hurt to put them in here as well. =)


hnm [userpic]

Apparently Sofia's doing a show called 'Desire: Table For Three' thanks to sofiamilos.com for this info:

The one hour serial drama is played out Monday through Friday at 8pm Eastern, with recaps on Saturday for a continuous 65 episodes over 13 weeks! "A completely new concept for the US. Modeled after the "telenovelas" on Spanish language TV and in Europe, but filmed in feature film quality and are one hour long every night!" It will be on MyNetworkTV, a new venture from Fox Television. Slated to launch the new network on Sept. 5 in the U.S.

Premise: "Desire" chronicles the destruction of a family and the bonds of brotherhood take center stage when two brothers (Nate Haden, Zack Silva) on the run from the Mafia find themselves in a heated battle of passion, betrayal, deceit and murder over the woman they both love (Michelle Bellegrin). Sofia Milos as Victoria Marston, the Lady Macbeth, the Joan Collins of the show.

First Impressions: Beautiful and talented young cast and of course Sofia! It's about Friends & Enemies. Love. Sex. The Art of Betrayal. Mafiosi! These are the ingredients of "Desire: Table for Three".

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Something to start this community off with...

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